Monday, February 24, 2020

Gun Control Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Gun Control - Research Paper Example Strict laws should be conceded, necessitating gun holders to be certified in the similar way car motorists are certified. Earning a license should entail a background checks, fingerprinting, and firearm safety teaching (Gold 49). Guns acquisitions should be limited to one month. Rigid consequences should be passed for stealing a gun. Gun traders should also be accredited, and obligated to pay an annual fee to run the gun business. People believe having a gun in the home makes the home a safe place. In contrast, scholars argue guns at home are five times more probable to murder a resident of the family than a burglar to the home. People say they are scared everybody has a gun, so they purchase one for themselves, for defense (Goss 54). It is intended to engage civilians to assist in the usage and control of firearms, especially to safeguard the minds of children, who experience gun violence at tender ages, and have no support. In some areas, many of the children assume to die brutally, possibly by a gunshot. United States children do not have the liberty to trust that one day they will be adults. Even though United States is one of the world’s lushest, toughest, ablest nations, the degree of gun violence points it out as not being one of the safest nations to live in (Carter 67). In addition, this project intends to shed lights on physical and emotional consequences of gun violence, suffered by the affected individuals and their families. Coming up with enhancement programs is one of its goals, programs which will synthesize voluntary spending time with victims of gun violence, and their families, in order to gain an insight of the well rounded consequences suffered by the whole community at large (Goss 71). Gun violence control will require community support (Gold 53). Developing young people skills and minds, and providing them an opportunity to actively live and participate in violence free, caring, and supportive society, is one of the aims of this project.

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